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„Optikos pasaulyje” naudojama moderni Shin Nippon akių diagnostikos aparatūra. Jos dėka galima tiksliai ir greitai ištirti regėjimo sutrikimus, įvertinti akių būklę ir greitai parinkti reikiamą regėjimo korekciją - parinkti akinius bei kontaktinius lęšius,  nustatyti jų stiprumą, bazinę kreivę ir kt..

shin nippon

 Accuref K 9001

* Clear 5.6 inch LCD color monitor
   LCD color monitor produces superb colorful display of the icons for easier identification to select your desired choises for measurement .

* 3 step monitor angle

   Monitor angle can be tilted in 3 steps that allows confortable operation for both standing and sitting positions .

* Wide measurement range

   Wide measurement range of Sph - 25.00D to     +25.00D , Cyl - 10.00D to + 10.00D .

* 2.3 mm Minimum pupil diameter & 3 step Target light adjuster

   Allows you to measure much smaller pupils than conventional units and 3 step Target light adjuster ensure accurate results .

* Auto start function

   Auto start function allows measuring automatically when alignment meets measurament requirements .

* Kerato-Peripheral measurement

   4 plots of cornea can be measured .

* Quick measurement function

   Quick measurement function realizes 1-10 times countinous measurement by pushing the measurement buttom once .

* Data screen function

   Measured data can be seen on the monitor without printing .

* Quick printer with automatic cutter

   Printer paper is automatically cut when it is released

* Contact lens base curve measurement

* Far pupil distance measurement and near pupil distance calculation.

* RS 232 C setting function

* Output external monitor

* Power saving function

Slit Lamp


SL 102
Total magnification : 10X , 16X

Slit diaphram : 10, 6, 3, 1 and 0,2 mm.

Filters : Cobalt blue, heat absorption, 50% neutral density, light blue .

Slit rotation : 0° to 180°.

Slit tilt : up to 20°

Light source : 6V , 27W tungsten lamp.

Optional halogen lamp 6V 20W is available .

Tonometer : it is possible to use Goldmann Applanation Tonometer T900 or ours .

With optionals 16X eyepieces the total magnification are 16X and 25.6

PD Meter

PD 82 II
*   LED lamp eliminates troublesome lamp replacement and makes battery life become as 3 or 4 times as longer than our older model .
*   Lever action becomes smoother by using linear sensor .

*   Results are displayed digitally . Three measure are given : right . left and right + left .

*   Measurement can be made for a single eye or for both eye .

*   Possible to measure PD from infinity to 30 cm. near vision continously .

*   Automatically switch off  one minute after operation is completed .

*   Distance from tops of cornea to lenses of frames can also be measured .

Chart Projector 


CP 500

*   50 chart and various masks : Landolt, letter, child, Snellen, number

*   Fast, silent chart disk rotation

*   User program mode : 2 kinds of program can be selected

*   Room light switch : by using optional deviator, operation of a room light is    available by remote control

*   Adjustment of the brightness : it can be adjusted according to the brightness of the operation room

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